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November 2, 2012 @ 9:15pm:


My name is Wes Penre, and I’m a researcher and a writer.

This blog is not an ordinary blog. My real website can be found at this web address: contains a long series of Papers on the subjects of Metaphysics and Exopolitics (the latter being the study of extraterrestrial species), but there is no “Comment Section” on the website, so at the bottom of each Paper is an icon the reader can click on (“The Second Level of Learning” only at this time), which takes them to this blog, and more specifically, to the page on this blog which corresponds with the paper with the same title, located on my website. If the reader wants to make a comment on the Paper he or she just read, they can do so on this blog, and the two will be interlinked.

The papers which are part of “The Second Level of Learning” can be found here: .

So, for this blog to make sense, I advise the reader to go to the link above and start reading the papers listed there.

(NOTE: this is not a “blog” in its common sense).

Thank you!
Wes Penre


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